The range

Special “ENDUR-AL®” Aluminium

As a result of its lamination and treatment process, the special “ENDUR-AL®” aluminium offers 20% more resistance than the alloys normally used.

The Fruehauf Aluminium Large Volume Tipper is exclusively made from this new, very high quality alloy for maximum payload.

Special Hardox® Steel

Intended for the harshest applications, the special HARDOX® steel is the result of a high-tech production process that hardens the sheet metal for a longer life.

The Fruehauf steel Large Volume Tipper made from this special steel is therefore particularly well suited to the transport of highly aggressive products.

Cereals – Food Products – Chemicals

Designed especially for maximum payload, Fruehauf AgroMax® aluminium Large Volume Tippers meet the needs of transport of food products, chemicals, recyclables or loose, low-density product, with the best value for money.


Maximum Payload

From 37 to 64 m³

Its modular construction with smooth surfaces of the box enables huge variability of volumes with lengths and heights adapted to all needs.

Its special “ENDUR-AL®” aluminium bottom and continuously welded, slanted sides offer unrivalled abrasion resistance and sturdiness.

  • Unrivalled abrasion resistance

  • Long service life

  • Sturdy and lightweight